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Buddha in Green l Posters por Wei Ying-wu na AllPosters.com.br
Humility is all about being truthful and honest.
The Enlightened One by Madhusudhan, Acrylic On Canvas, 60x30 inches
"How aware are we of our own inner life, our spirituality - something so intangible yet so priceless? How much effort do we make to perceive that which is not obvious, which can neither be seen nor heard? I believe the exploration and enrichment of the human spirit is what determines our very humanity." —Daisaku Ikeda
"As we work for the greater good, we build happiness for ourselves and others. The more we do for other people, the more the path of our own happiness will open up. In realizing this, we discover a sense of gratitude in being able to help them." ~Ikeda
Statue hand gesture
Smiling Buddha by Claudia Tremblay

Smiling buddha version original art print