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Coffee Art – Pinturas feitas usando apenas café sobre papel por Dirceu Veiga

Jump into your coffee. Eolake Stobblehouse thoughts: Coffee Art Paintings by Dirceu Veiga

Oil Paintings, Espresso, Tea Time, Domingo, Expresso Coffee, High Tea, Oil On Canvas, Espresso Drinks

COFFEE FOR ME , PLEASE .... ---espresso and biscotti

For most of us there is nothing like that first cup of coffee or tea in the morning, so when planning a kitchen remodel or new construction, or creating a guest haven, building in a coffee tea station is a great idea!

Paitings made with Coffee

With a background in Children's books Illustrations, Brazilian Artist Dirceu Veiga has now chosen as to use coffee, no inks or paints, to produce his

#coffee #roaster #pražírna #kávy

#coffee #roaster #pražírna #kávy

Night And Day-day rules a kingdom of happiness and harmony kinda like tangled-night rules a kingdom of survival and are nocturnal kinda like moon  hunt

// Story Drabble: Ember & Coal //

Night And Day. I love the idea of not making night look sad. Like, night isn't a sad time. He should be dark yeah, but a representation of all things pm. Same with life and death.

Imagen de art and coffee

Giulia Bernardelli uses spilled coffee cups and turns them into coffee art creations. Coffee and food illustrations are created as if by accident.

Simply lovely. anche da Voglia di...tè  Lonato del Garda (BS) e Brescia

I like this because it combines two of my favorite things, tea and macaroons. Also, the sky blue cups mixed with the earthy browns brings life to the picture and makes it even more appealing.


Magnifiques portraits au café sur du vieux papier

Rosa Cánovas.  España. La hora del café. Pintura.

Rosa Cánovas. España. La hora del café. Pintura.

Painting with coffee  (wow!  who needs expensive paints when we have expensive coffee! : ) by freida

Painting with Coffee by =Gold-Seven on deviantART - I've tied my hand at coffee painting before and it didn't go too well. But with something like this to refer to, I'm totally going to have another go!

Very predictable bathroom habits tbh. 17 Symptoms All Coffee Addicts Have Experienced

These are sketches meant to be used as a reference or base. Eyeball or trace them, flip them, rotate them, whatever you see fit. Credit not necess. FREE - four legged creature poses

Jacqmotte Coffee Maker

Looking For A Beautiful Slow Drip Brewer? Try Jacqmotte's limited-edition tabletop piece perfect for coffee enthusiasts.