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doctor: I'm sorry to inform you that your baby has been born with heart hands. mother: But I only did heart hands one time for that maternity photo, I swear! doctor: One time is one time too many.

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Maternity Photos - Maternity Photo

Maternity Photos - Maternity Photo


a must do baby photo op! A picture of each child at the same age looking like a chef to hang in the kitchen.a different age but same concept in the bathroom

Cute picture ideas

Baby Photo : Creative And Unique Baby Photography Ideas - Unique Family Picture With Mom Dad And Newborn Baby Hand Ideas

Sooo precious, Im going to do that one day!!

Sooo precious, Im going to do that one day!

pics of newborn feet ears - Google Search

Newborn Baby Detail Shots Lips Hands Feet Ears I wish I would have done this when my kids were born.

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