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Olhos e Boca lindo

Castiel season Cas looks so dark in season I know. It's his season of megalomania and nasty stuff, but wow. Misha really sells it! Also, once more, glad they used similar facial expressions. A fair way to show the change in our angel.


Sam Winchester, seasons almost like he became a different person! It makes me kinda sad to see our Sammy all grown up, you can see how the hope and lightness has drained from his eyes and face through the seasons

OH MY WORD NONONONONONONONO<<<something is very very wrong with this but it's to subtle for me to figure out what

Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins <-- uhhhh, when fandoms get bored? Stuff like this is so random lol<<< this makes me extremely uncomfortable.

Season 1 to season 8

Seasons 1 & Sam season 1 is better and Dean season 8 is better.

This confused face saves the day.

This confused face saves the day.


Jensen and Misha aka too hot for this world

Misha Collins never fails to make me smile (:

Misha Collins never fails to make me smile (: He's a gift from God. For Reals.

When Cass says something that just doesn't sound right coming from him.

I love Sam's Cas smile

Right back at you! but that is why everyone loves you guys - you are all so freaking awesome!

My friends reactions to most of the stuff I do/say.


Cas, you're so innocent and cute! I really do wonder which one of the Winchesters would lose the epic game of rock, paper, scissors that would ensure, once they decided who needed to explain what sexual protection is to Cas.

His eyes holy damn

His eyes holy damn

Misha Collins

There will never be enough pins of Misha's beautiful eyes.

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Cas’s faces

Cas’s faces

Картинки по запросу Actors hot

Damn those piercing blue eyes 😍


Misha as Castiel.