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Chaos Space Marines

Possessed Marines fall upon the Tau Fire Warriors without a shred of mercy.

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17022428_721604318002426_6069559184864487097_n.jpg (656×960)

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A Black Legion Chaos Champion and his forces annihilating all in their path during the Black Crusade.

Картинки по запросу warhammer награжденные хаоситы

Warhammer Fabius Bile, for me chief apothecary of the Emperors Children


The Hand of the Traitor. A Possessed Chaos Space Marine easily takes the head of a Tau trooper.

Chaos Space Marines / Word Bearers / Forces of Chaos / Dark Apostle / Accursed Crozius

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Thought of the Day: The Dark Gods laugh at the foolishness of meek appeasers

An Obliterator is a former Chaos Space Marine, often a Techmarine, who is believed to have been affected by the so-called "Obliterator Virus", a daemonic virus that transformed these once-loyal servants of the Imperium into bloodthirsty mutant weapons of Chaos. They are monstrous hybrids of human, daemon and machine. An Obliterator is able to absorb any weapon into its body that is held for too long.

An Obliterator is a former Chaos Space Marine, often a Techmarine, who is…

chainsword chaos grenade imperium mykmyk140 plasma_pistol sisters_of_battle space_marines

chainsword chaos grenade imperium plasma_pistol sisters_of_battle space_marines

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12832469_969020499800086_2826203766018352763_n.jpg (700×950)