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I met her once and will never forget what a lovely woman she was. I have pinned her photo on so many of my boards...I don't know why I resist doing one dedicated to her alone. She is missed.

Diana Princess of Wales Alphabet: L=Laughter “ “My lasting memory of the Princess will always be the laughter in her blue eyes. Despite her troubles, she always managed to smile and joke with those of.


Princess Diana is checking out a hospital that uses "reborn dolls" in their training program, 1997

I met this famous lady when I was only 14 the memory will always stay with me. xxx

It was intended to be a simple and profound memorial service organised by two sons to honour the mother they lost. Yet, in the weeks since the memorial service was announced, allegations of squabbling, backbiting and bitter recriminations have emerged

Princess Diana

so much like his mother Princes Diana. This is the love between the princess Diana and her son Prince William.

Princess Diana

Prince Charles and his bride Diana, Princess of Wales, are shown on their wedding day on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in London, July Children are unidentified.