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JOVENS HEROIS SHAOLIN (Episódio 01 - Artes Marciais)  Série Legendada - ...

JOVENS HEROIS SHAOLIN (Episódio 01 - Artes Marciais) Série Legendada - ...

this. so freaking much. favorite tv show couple ever! things-that-make-me-happy

Screw Romeo and Juliet. I want a love like Marshmallow and Lily pad.

Why, Marshall? by Oduckwho.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Well, because Fionna's got very nice body for her age, and she probably doesn't know about it yet, I wanted to draw Marshall get nervous(ish) and become. Why, Marshall?

I love this! Fiolee! I kinda feel bad for prince Gumball. lol. ah-The adventure time love story chills!

Ahhh poor Gumball by ~vonnie-seiyuki-chan on Deviantart. Marshall, listen to the whole story before you go beat someone up next time. (this is the aftermath of the episode fionna and cake)

Definitely not gumball please lol Marshall is awesome And Flame Prince is pretty cool too

Definitely not Marcell lee please lol he's mine XD Fionna choose your prince except for Marcell lee 'cause y'know he's mine .