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Instagram photo by @co.nn.ie via ink361.com

Instagram photo by @co.nn.ie via ink361.com

Find out WHAT THE LOCALS EAT BEFORE YOU TRAVEL See what food is eaten in MYANMAR such as this street foods. Find information at http://www.allaboutcuisines.com/local-food/burma . | #TravelBurma | #Burmesefood | #BurmeseRecipes


Burma is now officially known as Myanmar. Burmese cuisine includes dishes from the various regions of Southeast Asia.

Tophu nway, a traditional Shan soup, severed in the morning, but also throughout the day, on Inle Lake, Burma (Myanmar). Great guide to vegetarian food in Burma.

Burmese Vegetarian Foods in Myanmar: A Survivors Guide

Tophu nway, a traditional Shan soup in Burma (Myanmar) that includes noodles, liquid tofu, nuts, and chili sauce. One of my favorite dishes of all time.

Burmese Flan - Rangoon, Burma (Yangon, Myanmar).

A photo essay of Burmese food and markets taken during our visit to Myanmar. Burmese cuisine sits at the intersection of Southeast Asian, South Asian, and Chinese food. Read more about Burmese cuisine with Top 15 Burmese Eats.