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Kendall Jenner na "Vogue" americanaEfeito Cabelo Molhado em alta! Faça igual com a Pomada Modeladora Avon!
Kim Kardashian no VMA Cabelos com aspecto molhado em alta! Copie com a Pomada Modeladora Avon
Peeling facial é uma das técnicas mais procuradas entre os tratamentos de beleza.Trata-se de um processo estético à base de ácidos para remover camadas danificadas da pele.

Misture mel e aspirina e aplique no seu rosto - espere 20 minutos e isto acontecerá!

Here are a few a lot of good suggestions for the modern, beautiful and practical hairstyles for all the girls, that teenagers who take care of their hair in any situation they want to have a tidy hair!  Reverse braid   If you like wheat braid, al
3 Tips for Taking Care of Curly Hair - i would still not use a brush for wet hair. Only combs now. unless i have it straight
Whether you’re growing your first beard or you’ve been bearded for years, this outline was created as the foundation that every bearded man should follow. These most basic steps will significantly improve your beard and only take a few minutes a day… You see, it takes patience to grow a beard. And the last thing you want to do is waste all that effort by not properly taking care of your man mane. Let’s face it, we are men and we aren’t all about going to the spa and being pampered. But if…

BEARD CARE 101: The Basics

Puffy Eyes Remedy for Home    wet, chilled tea bags. Place them over your eyes and leave on for twenty to thirty minutes. If you have dark circles accompanying your puffy eyes, you may want to try using chilled cut apples. If left on long enough, apples can take away the darkness under your eyes as well.
missnisharawal: "The 1st Kiss: U were digging in the right place on the left of my chest...while u found my heart I found  a transformation..Only a heart that was meant to be mine cud have a power so strong that makes me break all norms in the blink of an eye. What can I give to travel back in time... Gosh it's indescribable! What makes it beautiful is that it wasn't lust making way to the moment but the moment definitely made way to a lot of things...i wanted to drown n make it the moment I…
Meet Venus, an adoptable Domestic Long Hair-gray. I need someone to want me because I am special. I need to be fed a wet food only diet. Otherwise, my body can make crystals in my urine, which makes me feel uncomfortable. As long as I am fed a wet food diet, this should not happen.  If you take care of me, I will be a wonderful companion to you! I am very sweet and very beautiful!

I found Venus on

Simple Rules For Curly Hair Care  Deborah with curly hair (just woke up soo sleepy -_-)  Simple Rules For Curly Hair Care  Seeking insights that make living with curly hair bearable? Then this is the right place. So lets talk curls.Okay lets start with layering as that will help make your hair both easier to maintain and better behaved. For those reasons curly hair should be layered to some extent. Doing so also adds more volume believe it or not.Its best to apply styling products to damp…