Bat Adorably Stuffs Her Face with Grapes

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Flying bat's wings details seen as the flaming orange and brown sunset light passes through them.


/// Oh my gods stunning perfect I love this. /// A perfect iconic portrait of a beautiful bat. But I think it should be turned to show her with her head down, the more natural position.


Sharing breakfast: A fruit bat and a butterfly share some pineapple.

Want to hold one!

Want to hold one!

Most people don't like bats but I find them really interesting. And kind of cute.

Stunning images show agile bats hunting moths and drinking from pond. These amazing shots were captured by wildlife photographer Michael Durham, in Deschutes National Forest and near Pine Creek in Oregon, US.

cute :3

If you still hate bats- how could you not see this precious as a unique help to the cycle of so many thingsl! They help control insects, provide fertilizer, help spread plants' seeds. I personally love bats.

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Give a Bat a house ->

Murcielago frutero / Jamaican Fruit-eating Bat, Artibeus jamaicensis by svaldvard

Ghost Bat ....

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