Chair Yoga for Seniors: The Whole Body with Michelle Rubin. Full-length class of...
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This App Is Like a Gym for Your Mind

Best Cruiser Bikes for Older Women (This altered illustration is in CREATIVE COMMONS due to age & publishing date) - READ ARTICLE at
Формирование оката рукава и проймы.
A reminder of where important parts are.

American Frohse Anatomical Wallcharts, Plate 6

How to Kill Cockroaches Naturally | eHow  Hope I never have occasion to need this!

How Does Diatomaceous Earth Work as an Insecticide?

Here is a great info-graphic that explains the many yoga poses you can accomplish at your desk (or anywhere for that matter). Leave a comment as to where you love to practice yoga!  #yoga #office #healthy
keep calm and pretend its on the lesson plan
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