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A safety razor or straight razor are both a great option for a close shave and less irritation. However both do come with a learning curve, a straight razor more than a safety razor in my opinion. Don't expect to get a quick shave the first time.

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i use to wear these pink sponge curlers on saturday nights so i could I have curly hair sunday morning.

I can't wait to have something as precious as this baby in my life. awwwwww!

Healthy Eating During Pregnancy- Seriously, this is the pic they chose for this article?

A spark of static electricity can measure up to three thousand (3,000) volts. #ShockingFacts

They just describe this as static hair kid. How about amazing photo of really cool looking kid with electrically challenged hair?

This just made me laugh! It was Halloween related and I thought it might make you smile, too... You're welcome :D

Just want to hug/squish this little cutie. So cute in the little Baby Duck Costume


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Pregnancy Week-by-Week

Bored Baby Photo: This Photo was uploaded by Cebuanoloco. Find other Bored Baby pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket free image and v.

Brotherly love. Haha! This one is for my Lukas and Olivia..this is how far apart in age they are and they even look like these two.

This made me smile! (and actually laugh out loud a little- mostly b/c I can TOTALLY! see my kid doing this to his sister!