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Another 10 Even Cooler Photos You Won't Believe Are Not Photoshopped - not photoshopped, photos you won‘t believe

Ponies are for Pussies. what a badass kid. Ity" laci: d ABE TY? Pussies Ponies are for Pussies what a badass kid Ity" laci: d ABE TY?

Did You Know? On many old tombstones you will find the wording, "Jane Doe, consort  of John Doe." This indicates that John was still alive at the time Jane died. If the stone reads "Jane Doe, relict of John Doe," this indicates that Jane's husband was already deceased at the time she died. #genealogy #tips

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Tombstone name, Constant Craps 1913 to 1937 , - just an unfortunate name, like Ima Hogg.

...And so is disco.

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Stitch Stickers by The Walt Disney Company Ltd ( Japan). Stitch (also known as Experiment is a fictional character in the Lilo & Stitch.

Nathan bacon

famous tombstones - founder of Wendy's restaurant chain. Business man who was in competition with Col Sanders (KFC) at the time.

Don't believe it. There's already another flick in production.

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These names sure make for some great headstones and providing good laughs for all of eternity

Picasso a través de los años

Picasso a través de los años