air_pirate_geist_ballons_by_ledious-d354lmo.jpg 5,100×3,300 pixels

Created in Autodesk Maya An air pirate scouting convoy. They are Geist balloons which are faster and more maneuverable than other airships.

Clothing tips for plus size girls.

25 Epochal And Inspiring Steampunk Dresses For Women

Photograph SteamPunk Nation by Jeff Tamagini on 500px

"SteamPunk Nation" by Jeff Tamagini in Showcase of Fashion Steampunk Photography

Like these boots! I love them!

I will fight you-with naught but lace covering my muff sir-and a pose to set ones back out if a shit doth be fired. Fear me-i am scantily dressed yet aesthetically appealing woman. ML Steampunk

A guide to Steampunk fashion: costume tutorials, Steampunk clothing guide, cosplay photo gallery, updated calendar of Steampunk events, and more.