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Outfit with grey and white striped shirt , black tie, dark grey vest, black suit coat and white handkerchief

Outfit with grey-white striped shirt, black tie, dark grey vest, black suit coat and white handkerchief.

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Will Harrington was not a nice young man. He liked to kiss the girls, break their hearts, and didn't blink twice about it. She knew what she wanted and the cost for such greed.

carpe diem;

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With a bit of modification, this could look like some recon leg wear.

Favorite picture of a boy ever i love how he concentrates and how his eyes are filled with seriousness

'Gerran didn't care how many people made fun of him for sitting in the corner of the school in his own little world.' - Written by Christy O.

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I want to understand and feel anything possible. I live in a closed environment, composed of bones.

Illya Kuryakin x Napoleon Solo

I though about something about between Niven Diaz and Dean Bronson. I hope it look very cute for two teenagers

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Smith thing we're doing is pretty hot, the martinis are alittle gay though". "The martinis are super gay".