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After a long and then longer wait for YG’s new girl group, we are now just one day away from BLACKPINK’s official debut, set for 8 p.

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With only two days left until BLACKPINK's official debut, YG Entertainment has released Jisoo's individual teaser image for "In Your Area" as well as addit

BLACKPINK Releases More Flawless Debut Photos - YG New Girlgroup: BLACKPINK - BLΛƆK PIИK

YG Entertainment’s newest girl group Black Pink has released additional images of each member. The images showcase the character of each member, Jennie, Lisa, Ji Soo, and Rose. Stay tuned to Koogle TV for more updates on this debuting group.

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Here comes group teaser images for Black Pink's hot debut!Soon after the first individual teaser of Rosé, YG Entertainment unveiled c…

Black Pink

Black Pink have revealed a ton of behind cuts from their "BOOMBAYAH" MV set!Sometimes, the girls are full of charisma, while someti…