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Cats are amazing hunters. Quiet, stealthy and deadly. It's no wonder these kitties are real ninja cats! Check them out here.

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Is it a fox.... ? Is it a cat..... ? No one knows the mystery of the cox!

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The desert cat aka sand cat, sand dune cat, (Felis margarita) is the only cat living foremost in true deserts. lives only in the Sahara desert

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So true. Rest in peace, Sebastian. We love you and miss you so much! Awww, so true. We had our sweet Mitzi from Jan.

Who could say no..?

I would let it sleep with me in my bed. looks like a toddler begging to sleep with mom & dad during a thunder storm. so cute lol

Fluffy wild kitty.

Russian wild kitten (manul) - This is a Pallas kitten. They have round pupils.

A Boy and his Squid

A Boy and his Squid

magicalnaturetour: “ A Boy & His Squid by BrisCrinson~ Sweet Dreams beautiful friends ♥ ”

Pallas cat | Otocolobus manul I just discovered this breed of wild cat and can't stop looking at photos and videos. It is one of the coolest looking animals I've ever seen.

Pallas's cat (Otocolobus manul), also called the manul, Pallas cat, Asian cat, is a small wild cat having a broad but patchy distribution in the grasslands and montane steppe of Central Asia.


Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. A Cat With Two Wheels Loves His Life to the Full - We Love Cats and Kittens