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B a tool...

B a tool.

josephalessio: “Peter Piper Picked (a) Peck (of) Pickled Peppers ”

josephalessio:Peter Piper Picked (a) Peck (of) Pickled Peppers

G-rindin’ it out!

Typography Collection 2014 by Mark van Leeuwen, via Behance

Typography Collection 2014 by Mark van Leeuwen, via Behance Will definitely use for future inspiration! I like the variation

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Awesome lettering series by Joseph Alessio using tools, nuts, bolts, and more.


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This hand lettered A caught my eye. From the designer: Started as a sketch while I was waiting at the printer, reworked and refined the drawing. I want to step away from being so girly to designing a little more masculine pieces, now that will be a .