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vithcytries: "But I have a craving," Percy insists, placing his arm around Annabeth’s shoulder now. "A nacho craving." Annabeth rolls her eyes. “Am I pregnant or are you?” Percy smiles his best smile. “We’re pregnant together.” Annabeth cocks an eyebrow and looks pointedly at her belly, then at Percy’s, and even reaches out a hand to pat it down all over. "Nope," she says. "You’re definitely not pregnant." day and at this part i just ashfgahdasds ♥ Writing credit goes ragingserenity ^^

Awwwww:'))) This makes my heart so happy. Ok, I honestly dislike Annabeth in the movies, but she's awesome in the books. Annabeth in a the movies just gets on my nerves. Is that a bad thing?

Why am I so incredibly obsessed with this? I don't even use snapchat!

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