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12 Pratos bizarros que você não gostaria de experimentar

most 9 extremely sickening foods that some people love to eat and perhaps will make you second guess calling out your roommate for his weird choice to.

Having smoked this a few times in my life, I can confirm that everyone will have a different reaction. I merely became mildly relaxed. Some people see colors and some people see demons. As with ALL psychedelics, please use discretion and be mindful of your dose.

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Nothing say St.Patrick's Day and Spring more than Rainbows! When I see anything rainbow it just makes me happy! The bright colors just seem to brighten my day. Today I will be sharing some Rainbow Crafts and Treats to brighten your day as well!

Rainbow Crafts and Treats

ART YOU CAN EAT is such fun! Check out our easy EDIBLE PAINT recipe and get the kids busy creating their own rainbow bread masterpieces!

Using fondant in a Clay Extruder. "It is actually a tool used for clay, but it really works great for fondant.  It made this job fairly easy. It has a bunch of different discs that slip on the end so you can extrude different shapes". What a great idea

Rainbow Birthday Cake

Try rainbow foods if you hesitate which color your next delicious desserts should be. Use all bright colors. These 36 desserts are very pretty and yummy.

plant-based easy vegan swaps...jackfruit is #amazing!! #plantbased #vegan

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PERSONAL: Many people claim that vegan eating is better for the environment. Though I am not vegan I think this post is interesting because it shows plant-based easy vegan swaps.

The thing about my mother's eulogy is that I used note cards. After 55 years, you'd think you could remember a mother without such prompts. But this was no regular mother. Tell me, are there any regular mothers?

Chris Erskine: Goodbye to a mom who was quite right

More Americans staying in the US this summer, study suggests - Los Angeles Times