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..im just being silly now..lol ;-*

Hot seat, burning ring of fire.lots of witty one liners, but the paint job on this is great. Would make a statement in the right bathroom.

Pallet Coasters

Mini Pallet Coasters Set

Novelty Wood Pallet Drinks Cup Coaster Set Mini Wooden Pallet Coasters Mats for Table Decoration Accessories

Instantly Class Up Any Room With Beer Can Lighting

Instantly Class Up Any Room With Beer Can Lighting

Give your home bar an apt lighting system with these beer can track lights. Available in a variety of beer can styles, these unique track lights will .

Well done! Very cool !

A truck bed bookshelf, awesome! Orphaned Decor: Farm Chicks - The Show, The Party Wilson Yarger this made me think of you!

This would be an amazing idea if you had some sort of party barn...ALSO GREAT FOR SOMEONE THAT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE A FRIDGE IN THE ROOM. PUT A LAMP ON IT AND CALL IT A TABLE : >

Ugly minifridge gets a facelift by having facade covered with upcycled pallet wood. A fresh coat of paint in your favorite sport team color or main cave decor would look even better.

Ok..this screams: you might be a redneck...rofl!

Another Redneck Innovation. The car swing. I kinda like it <<< Are you kidding me? I LOVE IT! So cool. Btw it's not redneck. That's something a car guy would make for his kids. I know because my dads a car guy. Just sayin

automotive-furniture Love This!!!

Furniture & Decoration With Equipments From Old Cars

For the auto enthusiasts who wish to liven up their home décor with something unusual and interesting, the idea of having furniture made from auto parts seems to be a great option. Recycling of scrapped auto parts into furniture pieces not only make f

How Insane Is This? Can't Believe It Is Real.Here Are Some More Amazing DIY Project Plans (Not This One :>):http://vid.staged.com/xhzs

Porch facade garage door - so crazy it works! Looks much nicer than a garage door!

Truck bench by lorimd77

From vintage tailgates to benches in metals furniture with tailgate reclaimed wood car parts Bench This is so awesome! Would love to find a Ford tailgate and do this!

Chevy bench seat

Truck Bench - bench made from an old truck for a great garage/outdoor bench! Hubby wants to make a wall mounted bar from part of a Chevy pickup bed with the tailgate that folds down.

6 WAYS TO BRING INDUSTRIAL STORAGE SOLUTIONS TO YOUR HOME! | http://vintageindustrialstyle.com/ | vintage industrial style vintage home decor

6 Ways To Bring Industrial Storage Solutions To Your Home!

interesting new ways to use old car parts.I especially like the car part/wine holder table!

Make use of the old Cougar out back this way

A Mustang pool table? I will save every last penny to get one of these for my man cave someday.

Shut up and take my money!

I would love to do an Avengers room for a little boy! Thor Hammer Nightlight - available at Target I want this soooo bad