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Tiny Poisonous Animals With Enough Poison Kill Humans -The venomous sting of the Tarantula Hawk is meant to be the second-most painful sting in the animal kingdom.

What This Man Discovered Outside His House Seems Impossible… But Unfortunately, It’s Real.

Crikey: This giant Asian hornet (pictured) was spotted on a sweater in a closet. Asian hornets hibernate in the winter and begin to wake up in April. Their venom is very powerful and can kill 40 honey bees at a time

Las arañas más extrañas y sorprendentes - Avicularia versicolor Nombre común: Tarántula de dedos rosas

Antilles Pink-Toe Tarantula - Avicularia versicolor - This arboreal tarantula belongs to the family Theraphosidae and is native to Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Caribbean Sea. It makes quite the popular pet as it is rather docile.

Goliath Beetle Larvae from Real Monstrosities: What is the Biggest Insect in the World?

The grub of the Goliath Beetle, the largest insect on earth. My god, that will be juicy & delicious who can eat insect :)