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Eu passei para te lembrar que você tem sorte de estar nesta vida. Pare por um momento e aprecie todos os motivos pelos quais você deve sorrir!

Lembre-se de Sorrir Muito Hoje!

Omg why can't I have this

Puppy that will only stay calm in the car if you hold his paw. my heart is melting

Puppy pals

This adorable pair of besties. 19 Puppy Best Friends Because The World Doesn't Completely Suck

Just saying I have friends in London and I know where you live so it's not hard to check up on you  I'm joking btw . They wouldn't do that

All the time. A smiley face is not an adequate reply if a person wants to continue a conversation. If i respond to a smiley face its because you are important not cuz your text is a valid reply! <<< I'm just thinking this is freaking adorable

christmas dogs 3 Merry Christmas from these adorable dogs (29 photos)

Merry Christmas from these adorable dogs (29 photos)

Christmas Dog :) I wear a Santa Hat always to do my shopping everywhere. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas that I see. Never experienced one ugly or mean response but if I did, I would simply move on being exactly who I am.

HOW CUTE IS HE!!!?? dogs in bowties, enough said.

Community Post: 10 Dogs Who Rock Bow-Ties Better Than You.