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Ravikant रविकांत - Google+

Diamant de Gould ( Erythrura gouldiae ) Jehovah's creation keeps amazing me. and will forever!

Baby humming bird

Baby hummingbird resting on a zinnia by "Walk in the Woods Photography." the zinnia was my grandmother's favorite flower-I had a humming bird on them last week!

Bald Eagle on Ice!

pathodel: (via Eagle On Ice Photograph by James Geddes - Eagle On Ice Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale."Eagle on Ice" ~ Photo by James .

Ave de rapina

The secretary bird is the only bird of prey who does more walking than flying, up to 20 miles a day. With very large, broad wings, secretary birds are also strong fliers and use thermal air currents to rise and soar. When hunting, they stamp on the ground

black-crowned night-heron (nycticorax nycticorax) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Black-Crowned Night Heron Looks like same bird we saw in Hawaii that the locals call the undertaker due to the hunched posture.

Abundant Eagles ~ Homer, Alaska  Our home away from home <3

Abundant eagles, Homer Alaska--this is a wild place, beyond beautiful!

☆☆Beautiful Crow, one of my favourite birds ♡ They are so intelligent beautiful, I don't understand people not liking them or being afraid of them☆☆

Crows are members of a widely distributed genus of birds, Corvus, in the family Corvidae. Ranging in size from the relatively small pigeon-size jackdaws to the Common Raven of the Holarctic region and Thick-billed Raven of the highlands of Ethiopia.


~~Great Egret, Crete, Greece by Manos Papadomanolakis~~ One graceful creature