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The image was taken at a small village in East Kutch – a remote region of India. This area is very dry, the soil here is arid and the inhabitants have to be resilient. The girl truly seemed like a ‘diamond’ in the rough in such surroundings.

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his smile probably means a lot. some people as they get older tend to become grumpy because of life stress, but this mans smile disproves that. Life lines ~ such a cherished expression of pure joy!

Natural beauty of the child by abdualwhab albanaa.

May God protect the girls of Yemen from being taken advantage of in child marriages. - Natural beauty of the child © Abdualwhab Albanaa

today I practice seeing and being real beauty. what is your practice for today? please join our Circle of Practice.  When we use our experience to understand others, have compassion for their hardships and act from loving concern, we become the beautiful people Ms. Ross is writing about.  Finding our way out of the depths is like being sculpted by God into a work of art equal to anything Michelangelo or any great has ever produced.

I really love old people. Cherish your elders, for they have the true wisdom of life.

Tarahumara girl.

MEXICO ~ Tarahumara Girl ~ All children are Beautiful ~ for more of Mexico visit www.

I will do my part to keep little girls like this out of sexual slavery. My heart breaks for her.

The little girl captured in this photograph is performing Bharat Natyam, a classic Indian dance form. I LOVE India. trained in this dancing for four years.

Xina, Yuanyang.

The Hani and Yi are two minorities that live together in the villages of Shengcun, Daba and Duoyicun in Yuanyang, China. On market days they wear authentic and colorful garb.