Life after having the Gastric Sleeve: 148 Calorie Lasagna Cupcakes

:D These lasagna cupcakes were such success, not only with how good they were, but how little calories and carbs there were!

Flans de poisson au lait de coco - Ôdélices : Recettes de cuisine faciles et originales !

Flans de poisson au lait de coco

Flans de poisson au lait de coco - Ôdélices : Recettes de cuisine faciles et originales !

When trying to eat healthy, who needs the flaky pie crust in traditional quiche? This flavorful recipe is packed with veggies and--no crust!

Crustless Vegetable Quiche

Crustless Vegetable Quiche - Brunch, breakfast, or'll love this quiche recipe at only 121 calories. Would be so easy with our dehydrated veggies!

Pasta Pie.. this is awesome

Pasta Pie

Pasta pie, I used to cook with white sauce. From now on This recipe will be among my alternatives. Also some diced or minced chicken meat with tyme and muscat would sound delicious to me.

Cuban Spiced Pork Chops

2 clove garlic, crushed tsp onion powder tsp black pepper tsp olive oil Trim excess fat from pork chops. Use a knife to cut shallow cross

Μπιφτέκια λαχανικών στο φούρνο, νηστίσιμα

Turkey Veggie Burger combines lean ground turkey and veggies to make for one super moist and delicious summer barbecue. Be sure to check out the recipe for Goat Cheese Yogurt Spread.

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Receita Escondidinho de carne seca

2 hours
∙ Serves 5
  • 500 g de mandioca em pedaços cozida (não descarte a água do cozimento)
  • 400 g de carne de sol limpa, cozida e desfiada
  • 20 g de manteiga
  • 300 g requeijão cremoso
  • 150 g de mussarela ralada
  • 100 ml de creme de leite fresco (ou de lata sem soro)
  • 1 cebola média fatiada em tiras finas
  • 1 dente de alho bem picado
  • 5 g de salsinha picada fina
  • 5 g de cebolinha picada fina
  • Sal e pimenta do reino a gosto
Receita Escondidinho de carne seca

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