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Maybe, if we have enough property, I'll build one of these, so a certain someone will be willing to go back yard camping with me.

The Fern House by Robert Swinburne is a screened sleeping porch in the woods for summer naps and overnight guests.and my Colorado dream house.


Fathers, shut the iPhones off and computers off and take at least 1 hour with your children.

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"don't you dare push me!" I screamed and laughed. He pulled at my arm and giggled. I gripped the "no diving" sign. Oh the irony as he cried "then push me you silly! I loved him in that moment.


45 Cozy Cabins You'll Want To Hide Away In Forever

A homestead near Taos, New Mexico. My sister Kate used to live in a similar tiny home in Dixon, New Mexico. We made toast on her wood stove.

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Just to see the interior scale of one of these small sheds. My purpose would be a place to cook the broth outside of the house, perhaps run a dehydrator, have some shelves for lacto-fermenting, and a sink to wash garden produce.