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Iron Man by Victor Hugo Queiroz

Digital artist Victor Hugo (as far as I can tell, his real name) created this fantastic image of Tony Stark hanging out in his lab. Now that Disney has its white-gloved fingers in both Marvel and Pixar, we have to ask: How isn't this already a movie?

Captain America.  victor hugo queiroz

I am Captain America

I am Captain America by Victor Hugo (Vitorugo) / Cartoon

The Avengers! This was so awesome in the theaters!!

Avengers fine art covers present The Hulk à la Michelangelo and Al Hirschfeld

Toph Beifong From Avatar: The Last Airbender

10+ Realistic Cartoon Character Versions You Wouldn’t Want To Meet In Real Life


CG Iron Man Makes us Drool

Funny pictures about If Pixar Made X-Men Movies. Oh, and cool pics about If Pixar Made X-Men Movies. Also, If Pixar Made X-Men Movies.

This Collab of Badassery was brought to us by two artists named Daniel Araya and Enrique Rivera. The picture is of X-Men's Wolverine and Venture Bros. Brock Samson standing back to back looking completely badass. I would love to see these two characters team up for some crazy adventure of death!

An awesome Collaboration by Daniel Araya and Enrique Rivera of Brock Sampson (Venture Brothers) and Woverine (X-Men). Totally bad ass and amazingly drawn and painted.

Vitorugo | Nightcrawler

Awesome illustrations by VictorHugo! cross-connect: “ These are some of the amazing rendering/illustrations by Victor Hugo Queiroz.

http://may3377.blogspot.com - Darth Cthulu

Your argument is invalid. I think you mean Darth Jones. Terror of the 7 seas!