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Técnica de opção para uma ilustração baseada em linha
Papir-illustration - Camilla Boman Jensen: Slædehunde / Sled dogs
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Drawings - Susan Siegel
Girls' room.  One loves butterflies and the other loves dogs... viola.

Shaggy Dog with Butterfly

Beautiful Strings  The intricate style of textile artist Debby Smith is truly a pleasure to take notice of.   http://www.stringartfun.com/section.php/3/1/techniques
These pawesome dog artists will get any canine enthusiast's tail waggin!
Valerie Davide
Fashion Sketch - elegant fashion illustration of a model in a glam dress // Daina Cutulab Reference:Perfume Bighouse: Que Jeans Veste Seu Perfume? Távola IX. 2015. Perfume Bighouse: Que Jeans Veste Seu Perfume? Távola IX. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.perfumebighouse.com/2015/01/que-jeans-veste-seu-perfume-tavola-ix.html. [Accessed 30 July 2015].