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I.M || MonstaX

A girl named Lee Jordan who is a choreographer. She teaches a group called Monsta X and falls in love with one of the members name changkyun or I.M. I.M also f.

I.M of Monsta X ¦ 몬스타 엑스 아이엠

I.M of Monsta X ¦ 몬스타 엑스 아이엠

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daily-monsta-x: “Wednesday: “I.M + this pink sweater ” Photo credit: IMYours + I’M in Love ”

Why is he ruining me with his looks? I'm being attacked 24/7 even when he doesn't do anything... save me | Monsta X I.M / Changkyun |

Wednesday: “I.M at Seoul Fashion Week 2017 ” Photo credit: IMYours + I’Melted by U + Crush On + Seraphic

my random ppl board is overrun with monsta x at the moment.. loving it but im starting to think maybe i should just give them their own board lol

Untitled — fymonsta-x: [ It’s a bit chilly. I would.