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Love from the start <3

This was one of my favorite parts! This should have been in the movie, I think people that haven't read the books don't really understand how great Peeta is because things like this were left out.

Peeta Mellark - The male tribute from District 12, who has secretly been in love with Katniss since they were children. His love for her is evident throughout the series. In Mockingjay, he is "hijacked" by the Capitol and turned against Katniss, but he recovers.

30 Day Hunger Games Challenge, Day Peeta or Gale- I'm team Katniss but I definitely feel Peeta was the right answer for who Katniss should have ended up with

Guess who's about to see the double feature of Hunger Games and Catching fire. I'm so excited the movie starts at 5:15.

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Hunger Games Quarter Quell District Posters. Eleven the Hunger Games Quarter Quell District movie posters for The

Her shooting the bow in all the movies!!! Repin if your in the Hinger Games fandom. Repin also if you are TEAM PEETA!

Notice how as the movies go on she goes from being scared to very confident. in every movie after THG she becomes more and more confident with her bow, but in the last movie her face isn't scared.

How The "Hunger Games" Team Brought "Mockingjay – Part 2" From The Page To The Screen

How The "Hunger Games" Team Brought "Mockingjay – Part 2" From The Page To The Screen


One thing that always bothered me about Peeta is that he wouldnt be asleep while Katniss is watching. he should of turned to her & said Im awake too!