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sheltie 14 Tage Urlaub mit 8 Shelties in NL Zeeland - Oostkapelle

Sheltie Nation - Perfect Etiquette

Lady Diana says: "I may have been raised in a puppy mill, but that doesn't mean I have to act like it!" Hugs for adopting her, Valerie!

Collie dog posted via dog-photos.net. Although a large, active dog, the Collie is both elegant and graceful, appearing to float over the ground as it runs. Loyal and affectionate, the breed is naturally responsive to humans. Marked characteristics include a beautiful coat of the rough variety and the breed’s lean wedge-shaped head. The coat can be rough or smooth and the four accepted colors are sable and white, tri-color, blue merle and white.

Cute Rough Collie Dog If you want loyalty get a Dog, if you want loyalty and attention get a Smart Dog!