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Roupinha nova

Roupinha nova

Weird news: By Katie Mcdonough NASA sends the Mona Lisa to the moon via laser NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter creates gravitational maps, spots space trash -- and showcases famous art (VIDEO)   ... www.salon.com

Weird news: NASA sends the Mona Lisa to the moon via laser

The Mona Lisa,(also known as Monna Lisa or La Gioconda in Italian and La Joconde in French) painted by Leonardo Da Vinci Medium: Oil on Poplar Location: The Louvre Museum (also known as Musée du Louvre) in Paris

Rowan Atkinson, the actor behind the famously hilarious Mr. Bean and Blackadder characters, has made another foray into the pages of history thanks to caricature artist Rodney Pike. He took some of history's most famous portraits and jazzed them up by replacing the original subjects' faces with those of Atkinson's unforgettable characters.

Mr. Bean Inserted Into Historical Portraits By Caricature Artist

Mona Lisa highjacked by Mr Bean! I'm not exactly sure why this crazy photo-manipulation of Mr Bean as Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa has.

Outras caras para a Monalisa

Outras caras para a Monalisa

‘Fat Cat Art‘ é a série da artista russa Svetlana Petrova, que faz montagens com o seu animalzinho de estimação, Zaratustra, colocando-o em cena de várias obras de arte famosas e pinturas clássicas.

Fat Cat Art: gato invade obras de arte famosas e clássicas

Feline-Infused Satirical Art Svetlana Petrova Merges Cat Images With Classic Painting

mona lisa avatariana

as várias versões da

In honor of Leonardo da Vinci's birthday, we're doing a feature on his most famous painting: The Mona Lisa.

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Alien Mona Lisa: The Mona Lisa is a half-length portrait of a woman by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, which has been acclaimed as "the best known, the mo