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"O Grito do Bicho": Off-topic: aprendendo a viver

Off-topic: aprendendo a viver

"O Grito do Bicho": Os animais que detetam tuberculose, cancro e minas...

Giant rats helping to sniff out tuberculosis in Mozambique. Kitten-sized rats are being used by scientists to detect tuberculosis-causing bacteria in a project which hopes to save both time and money

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15+ Best Things to Do in Big Sur – Big Sur Must-see Attractions

"O Grito do Bicho": Lontra-marinha ensina o filhote a nadar e cenas ca...

A wild Southern Sea Otter mom, seeking shelter from stormy seas, gave birth to her pup in the ‘Great Tide Pool’ at Monterey Bay Aquarium on the afternoon of March Guests and Aquarium staff were fortunate to witness the.


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Most expensive puppy ever sells for almost $2 million

Most expensive puppy ever sells for almost $2 million

"I told you a million times to pick up your dirty underwear."    "Don't bug me while the daggone game is on!!!"

Roaring Lions Background resolution: Available in different background sizes

A terrified lion clings to a tree as a herd of angry buffalo wait below. The stunning pict...

The stunning images that feature in the photographs of 2015

Maasai Mara, Kenya A lion escapes a herd of angry buffalo – by climbing a tree. The picture was taken in March by Charles Comyn, a ex-army official who was exploring the reserve with his wife