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"O GRITO DO BICHO": Aos 150 anos morre Speed a tartaruga dos Gálapagos...

This undated photo from the San Diego Zoo shows Speed, a Galapagos tortoise that has been at the zoo since The zoo reported Friday (June that Speed had been euthanized at an estimated age of more than 150 years.

Aldabra giant tortoise - photo from shutterstock,via live science;  These giant tortoises live on the Seychelles Islands.

Imported Tortoises Could Replace Madagascar's Extinct Ones


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Are you thinking of buying a tortoise to keep? Tortoise pet care takes some planning if you want to be.

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I have seen numerous suggestions for Russian tortoise diet Some great Some awful. Russian Tortoises are nibblers and appreciate broad leaf plants.

Wilbert the 100 year old giant tortoise gets a hosing down to cool off at Melbourne Zoo

Australia heatwave in pictures: Danger of dehydration and bushfires

Water in animals life is very important, Sometimes animals look a lot cuter when they get water.