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Nature finds a way,or Where there is a will,... ...

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Views from the Garden: Crevice gardening, growing flowers in sidewalk or patio cracks

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The world is bright with colors as the spring has arrived. Wish you a very happy springtime! It's time to go out and soak in the brilliant sun. The fun day.

Rainbow eucalyptus. - Nature Is Beautiful

Moe of Mother Nature's art: Rainbow eucalyptus. >> Previous pinner says: Saw one of these in Costa Rica and I thought people were pulling my leg! It is such an awesome tree!

Lá do jardim de casa!

Lá do jardim de casa!

Eiffel Tower vertical panorama༺ ♠ ŦƶȠ ♠ ༻

Eiffel Tower (vertical panorama) - Paris France Been there.by the time we came down, it was night and this is what we saw. The lights go on and off and the tower 'twinkled'.