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Vacas geneticamente alteradas viraram sensação na web por parecerem 'de pelúcia' (Foto: Divulgação/Lautner Farms)

Vacas que parecem de pelúcia viram sensação na web

Fluffy Cows Set Internet Hearts Aflutter - Wonder how the cows like it.

i miss the days when my girls fluffed and buffed and shined their show steers........

Cutest cows ever? Internet obsesses over fluffy cattle

i miss the days when my girls fluffed and buffed and shined their show steers.

Imagens de gados monstruosos, que se assemelham a verdadeiros fisiculturistas, estão causando assombro e debates em sites e nas redes sociais. Internautas especulam se experiências transgênicas foram feitas para alcançar esse tamanho de boi e, portanto, se há consequências para a saúde desses animais e das pessoas que consomem essa carne

Real (Mislabeled) - Pinned as "A cow born without the protein Myostatin which allowed for unrestricted muscle growth." - It's a Belgian Blue "Bull" (pretty easy to tell) and not unusual at all.

I want to kiss him

Another fast shutter speed. For her series "Shake", pet photographer Carli Davidson photographed curious portraits of dogs shaking off water. Use a fast shutter speed and you can capture all kinds of strange expression.

Just adding to my knowledge of strange animals :)

Animals you thought never existed. I knew about the Maned Wolf, the Star-nose Mole, and the Blob fish. I think everyone knew about the Naked Mole rat (Kim Possible). The octopus is my fav:)

Inocente´s: Angus (raça bovina)

This Black Angus bull looks like he might suddenly grunt out "Name's Angus" in a South Island accent

Adorable baby polar bear and his new Friend! ♥Click and Like our facebook page♥

Funny pictures about Baby polar bear vs. Oh, and cool pics about Baby polar bear vs. Also, Baby polar bear vs.


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