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💔 senior year, my last game draws near. Give everything you've got, or you'll live with regrets.

best sound

And "blue" calling the strike, it's like a ballet move. Softball mom of a pitcher.

My favorite quote of all times!!!

The life you live is how you live for the game of softball and for that little girl inside you that never gives up and never says no. You never want to give up on the little girl in you brain that you think isn't there anymore but in life it is

SOFTBALL SHIRTS - "It's not technically stealing since I own the field." I like the confidence this shirt shows. This website has tons of different shirts.

"It's not technically stealing since I own the field." - Own your softball fundraising too with our tips and tricks!

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One of my favorite sounds that makes me smile! I had forgotten how much I loved that sound until my oldest son finally got to the age last year that he could wear metal cleats/spikes.and my middle son starts wearing them this year :^)

Softball Quote.

One of the worst feelings! Especially when it's mid game and the worst play that always sits on the bench is the one to take your place so they always miss each and every play and it just kills you on the inside