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Like mother, like daughter.

Is there anything cuter than a baby animal picture? There is! A baby animal that looks just his mom or dad! That's what we call a Mini Me!

Did I mention I love cats? Lol. So precious!

Kissing Kitties - 1st April 2014

Adorable Rag Doll Kitten and you can find them at shelters and with rescue groups. Please do the right thing and save a life. Adopt, Never Shop.


Blue eyed kitty.  I wish my eyes were this beautiful!

so pretty.lol why does this blue eyed wanna be siamese cat look crosseyed.just like my blue eyed wanna be siamese cat?

Imaginary leg to stretch on?

Little Maine Coon Kitten picture.Click the picture to read more. "Pick me up mommy"