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Loki of Asgard by anokaxlegolas Traditional Art / Drawings / Portraits & anokaxlegolas ~ The Artist serious GOT his eyes.

Only if Sherlock, Doctor Who, Captain Jack Sparrow, Orlando Bloom and Jeff Goldblum join...Ah, why not?! YES!!!

Puhan, I don't know if you have this one on your "Loki" Board, but I thought it was kinda funny :)

"No..." OH MY GOD I CANT EVEN OH MY GOD IM DYING *sobs* *for like half an hour* I feel a bit better now... *sniffle*

Loki discovering he is Jotun. Beautiful artwork by jen-and-kris on Deviantart.

THOR_DD_VFX_07.jpg (1200×502)

Laufey was the king of the Frost Giants of Jotunheim, and the biological father of Loki.

And kids.. Thats how earth got invaded

And kids.. Thats how earth got invaded

I made a castle daddy, Wow! Daddy I made a castle too, no one cares Loki