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Babylon: Nieuwjaarsdag

New Year's Day in Babylon (Original) (Signed) art by Peter Jackson at The Illustration Art Gallery

Costume history - early Assyrian draped shawl. http://www.fashion-era.com/ancient_costume/assyrian_clothing_pictures_assur.htm#King_Assur-nasir-pals_draped_Shawl_Pattern_Guideline_

Textiles were normally used as a trade item or given as a gift to the King or Queen. Those considered high class, like military officers or kings, often wore woolen capes in different colors, which represented wealth.

Hanging garden of Babylon - Pinner does not know all about the City of Babylon in the Bible! But I do know there was a city Babylon Destroyed by God back in Ancient Times.

Hanging garden of Babylon - an artist's rendering of the famous garden at Nineveh during the few years when it was Babylon's capital.

Alexander the Great burned this city - Persepolis Historical Incredible 9 Facts

Persepolis, ancient city of Persia, ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid empire under Darius I and his successors.

Semiramis (Greek: Σεμίραμις, Armenian: Շամիրամ Shamiram) was the legendary wife of King Ninus, succeeding him to the throne of Assyria. ... A real and historical Shammuramat (the Akkadian and Aramaic form of the name) was the Assyrian wife of Shamshi-Adad V (ruled 824 BC–811 BC), king of Assyria and ruler of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, and its regent for five years until her son Adad-nirari III came of age.

Assyrian queen Semiramis (Shamiram) was the legendary wife of King Ninus, succeeding him to the throne of Assyria.

Piccy.info - Free Image Hosting Зенобия, царица Пальмиры в исполнении Аниты Экберг

Angus McBride - Septimio Odenato y Zenobia, reyes de Palmira, siglo III DC