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Holly Chayes | lace for the 21st century

Shawl Geometry I taught you the basics of shaping shawls. Shawl Geometry II gives you 19 funky & uncommon shawl shapes. Shawl Geometry II is a guide to knitting funky…

Saw this as a scarf the other day, really cool pattern.  An attention getter for sure.

Bubbles: raised bubbles on one side and craters on the other, a seriously textured piece of knitting.


“I would like to reach out my hand…”

10 facts about knitting - learn more at the LoveKnitting blog!  During the days of early knitting, wool was far from the most popular fiber to knit with – this is likely due to the lack of availability of wool outside of agricultural areas. Cotton and silk were the most popular among knitters for the first 400 – 500 years of the craft’s existence. Eventually wool became the reigning queen of the kit world, and wool farmers began to breed sheep specifically for sustainable, strong, and soft…

10 Things you didn't know about knitting

We asked about your top knitting tips, and you answered! Here are the top 6 knitting tips from real knitters, but beware: they might just change your life!