cosmic-rebirth: "The Wild Hunt," by Nhaar, on DeviantArt

The Wild Hunt by Nhaar - Instead of a ghost similar to Herne the Hunter, I might just make it some guy who lives in the forest hut wearing a deer skull headdress with pelts draped on his shoulders

(8)I finally leave Helheim and travel to Asgard, the realm of the gods. I see that there is a huge wall surrounding the place, carved with markings that look like they're from Jotunheim. Why are there giant markings on its enemies wall? Loki, whom I don't see until he's standing right behind me and makes me jump, tells me of the great builder set with the task of building the gods wall.

fan art: loki sketches note: sceith ailm creates some of the finest loki fan arts on-line. her other tom hiddleston-related sketches are also fantastic. visit her official deviant art.

Wait, what by ~spanielf on deviantART

Wait, what by ~spanielf on deviantART

Loki and Sigyn by on @deviantART

Loki and Sigyn by ~AyanamiSora on deviantART (Happy Ostara! Some lovely art of my favorite couple, well Loki and any of His beloveds is pretty awesome.