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Odeur de Tiger Balm emanating through my entire flat as I try and loosen my hamstring for Ashby 20 on Sunday! No injury, just a tight niggle but won't risk this close to Paris and London unless it feels perfect.

That's actually a great way of making history entertaining, by making it seem like a friend telling you all the hot gossip

oh my god I have the unwavering opinion that the America revolution was a bunch of toddlers throwing a fit

Story of my life

My mum said my name the other day and when I looked at her she told me to stop sassing her. I just have resting glare face

Slick Move...o...m...g...that is awesome

Here is the huge Funniest Gif collection you have ever seen in your life. you’re going to need these for a hard laugh. These Gifs are latest and newest discover from different sites…


Hahahaha imma do this next time I play Simon says and see the disappointed faces of everyone and just feel accomplished with my life and feel actual pride

You know this is so true

I have too many flaws to be perfect. But I have too many blessings to be ungrateful. I think too many people forget this. Don't be ungrateful for our blessings and such! God is with us always always!

"exit the meat"

Skeletons aren't scary, they are big lovable goofballs who love spaghetti and say NYEHEHEHEHEHEH

Wait, really? I always thought that was just a random account with that as an URL

I always thought that was just a random account with that as an URL< I HIGHLY doubt that that person is REALLY Obama

Here’s some food for thought - literally! Focus on cultivating your mind, body, and soul as you roll out this pastel pink yoga mat.

In the Treat of the Moment Yoga Mat