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Abundant Eagles ~ Homer, Alaska  Our home away from home <3

Abundant eagles, Homer Alaska--this is a wild place, beyond beautiful!

Visual representation of Ps 91:4 " With his pinions he will cover you, And under his wings you will take refuge." :-)

Funny pictures about A mother swan carrying her babies. Oh, and cool pics about A mother swan carrying her babies. Also, A mother swan carrying her babies photos.


Bald Eagles fly around the locks and ferry's in the St Louis Missouri area on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers in the winter time - beautiful!


Baltimore Oriole - has been visting my Hibiscus and Hummingbird feeders this year. time ever seen in my backyard.

Rainbow lorikeets     (Australia, Queensland area, Indonesia.  Lives in rainforests, coastal areas, woodlands)

amazing photo of cute & colorful feathered friends (rainbow lorikeets) by Leslie Smitheringale of Redlands, Queensland Australia

Daddy feeding his chickie

Eagle and her chick. (KO) Eagle chicks are so homely! But they grow up to be magnificent eagle adults. His mama thinks he's beautiful!

Three beautiful Mandarin ducks

Three beautiful Mandarin ducks

Mandarin Ducks are frequently featured in Oriental art and are regarded as a symbol of conjugal affection and fidelity.

Bird Wallpapers  National Geographic 1920×1080 Picture Of Bird Wallpapers (42 Wallpapers) | Adorable Wallpapers

Native to Australia, Rainbow Lorikeets have been introduced into New Zealand and Hong Kong.Rainbow lorikeets are monogamous and pair for life.The end of the tongue is equipped with a.

Snowy Owl, Endangered

A young female snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) at Raptor Recovery Nebraska with some serious owl boots!

Close-up of a Cardinal bird in a Blooming Tree from Allposters. Find out how to attract these magnificent red American birds into your backyard. Discover what feeders and food to use.