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Eu achava que só eu fazia isso....

Childhood Imagination

Childhood imaginations - raindrops racing on the window

Yes, but only because I was afraid one would go all Child's Play on me if I offended it.

The ones that didn't fit in the bed were still covered up in case they got cold! My childhood.

It's not easy to be a teacher these days. I only hope to get answers that make me laugh

It's not easy to be a teacher these days

It's not easy being a teacher // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Things Making Me Smile This Week {9/29

Bahahahha i still remember this! I have a journal from when I was in grade that has this all over it lol.

Many a television character had to contend with this and I was sure I would handle it differently.

As kids, we all believed some pretty silly things. The Confession Kid meme is a fun way to get those beliefs off your chest. [via quickmeme] You may also like: Best of the Angry Gordon Ramsay Meme Pics) Best of the Storytelling Dog Meme Pics)

1990s - dial-up. Yup it really happened!

Remember when you couldn't use the phone and internet at the same time? even remember having a house phone? lol :P

The winner of best cosplay goes to

The winner of best cosplay goes to

Best Halloween Costumes- Mrs Nesbit version of the mentally and physically broken Buzz Lightyear (from Toy Story

Shower modes / iFunny :)

Not fun showers

Just some 90s things

This is like my childhood summed up in one pin. Now i want a Wonderball!

Ahhh ally favorite things to do on the computer before internet! Haha

If you remember this you had no internet. I remember far too well.---actually I still play some of this and I had internet and still do