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Você me aparece uma imagem de mulher, busco explicações, há no mar algo que invoca você? No útero do oceano, nas profundezas das águas salgadas e insanas, há um tesouro comparável à tua alma. Texto: Marcelo H. Zacarelli -  Do poema: Ópera Deprimente

night moon girl under the stars

lunas de octubre - Google'da Ara

Mami, my beautiful moon child.

Fallen Series by #LaurenKate

Fernanda Brussi: Digital Art and Photography


Jackie Ann my beautiful neice

Upotettu kuva

Upotettu kuva


"the moon understands dark places. the moon has secrets of her own. she holds what light she can." - Lucille Clifton, from “moonchild”:


why is there something instead of nothing ●●● warum ist nicht nichts

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Moon Magic, Pink Floyd, Spirit, Writing, Frame

Mesmo diante de tantas tempestades a Deusa se mostra presente indicando sempre o caminho certo. A chuva lava a alma, os ventos espanta...

Even in the face of so many storms, the Goddess is always present, always indicating the right path. The rain washes the soul, the winds blows .

“ My soul is from elsewhere, I'm sure of that, and I intend to end up there. “ ~ Rumi  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Practicing-the-Presence-through-Mind-and-Meditation/209171649145514

***GIF***animation This is a moving gif image . open n watch how her hair n dress flows!

Mi destino es estar sola ,asta que llegues .Seguiré esperando ...M.D .

Erin wears dramatic black outfits that project her power, and sultry darkness.

Μονάχα οι μάνες κάτι υποψιάστηκαν. Γι’ αυτό τα παιδιά κρύβουνε τα χρυσωμένα χέρια τους στις άδειες τσέπες, μην τα μαλώσει η μάνα τους που όλη τη νύχτα παίζανε κρυφά με το φεγγάρι. Γ. Ρίτσος,

Moon child (by Michał Koralewski - mobile photography)

(Water Dragon) Moonlight at the beach by - Awesome Views

Noir silence

Noir silence