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"And I Just Can't Wait To Be King!"-The Lion King Simba

"I'm gonna be a mighty king so enemies beware!" "I'm gonna be the main event like no king was before!

That´s why The Lion King is my all time favorite Disney movie!

Here are some interesting things that you may not have known about The Lion King. It also happens to be my absolute FAVORITE Disney movie from my childhood.


Disney Challenge : Favorite Prince : Favorite Disney prince is Simba. I love the character change through the movie, and he actually is a prince (unlike most of Disney guys.

day 6: favorite animal... simba. The lion king has always been a favorite of mine, and he's such a complex character. I like the characters that you grow up with.

Disney Challenge Day Your favorite character. He had his weak moments and his strong, and that is what makes him so amazing a believable (even if he is a talking lion).