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Pitbulls are inherently forgiving.

Pitbulls love people too much and after cats, are the GREATEST victims of animal abuse. God blessed this dog and bless the people who save and rehabilitated it!

A Look Back: Hundreds of Dogs Rescued from Fighting in 2013 | ASPCA

Family Pets: The Ultimate Immune System-Boosters for Children?

A Look Back: Hundreds of Dogs Rescued from Fighting in 2013

In A Perfect World Every Dog Would Have A Home 8 x by MarkJAsher  What I wish for. ❤

Dog Photography Afghan Hound Black Dog Senior Dog by MarkJAsher

The Circle beautiful_stories poems animals rescue Thank you to all of you who read this that has helped a creature in need. You are Special.

2 people accused of beating young puppy with a belt. Puppy was rescued.

Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’

A Pittsburgh couple was arrested and faces animal cruelty charges after neighbors complained that their pit bull puppy appeared to be mistreated.

If you pay high dollar for a pure breed ask yourself what is the point of this when there are millions of sweet babies that are waiting for homes, thousands killed every day because there is no one to love them...re-pinning because of pinner's words of wisdom

The Power of Social Networking For Shelter Dogs

Adopt, change a life. (everyone things that we mean the animals life, we don't we mean your own)