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Scotish bar stool for kilts. (This is so wroong)! Haha

While this was originally designed as a barstool for kilt-wearing Scots, I think we can all agree it doubles as the world's most ergonomic computer chair.It even has an ashtray for cigars!Scottish Bar Stool (for Kilts) to in line for the the throne.

Lanzamiento de misil en Irak

found this floating around in my old files enjoy, it gave me a giggle EDIT TOP 150 JESUS! i would kiss everyone of you if i could :L thanks again you rock Balls camel Fetish

20 años no es nada -Un cigarrito y a la Cama

What is up with men wearing their pants around their ankles? Every time I see this I just think the guy is a total loser.

OH MY GOD! I laughed so hard!

At the Huggies Diaper Testing Facility I see a toy! Can you go get that toy? Lady leading a baby down a hallway where someone in a scary mask is waiting to scare it.


Funny hilarious cartoon with a woman which wants the hair dryer from her husband and he is giving a gun to her.

open fire on duck (faces)?

When a girl does a 'Duck Pose' comment on her picture & write 'BANG!' & if i the comment back confused; say it Duck Hunting Season.


21 More of the Worst Eyebrows, Lashes & Lips

plug er in! I want to draw this on one of the outlets in peters house and see if he notices!

Christmas Clean Meme Central

Santa playing reindeer games - Scrabble - VENISON - Why you stalling Santa? You going to start the game or not?

36 Funny Pictures That Will Make You LOL

36 Funny Pictures That Will Make You LOL

I repeat abort mission? Browse new photos about I repeat abort mission? Most Awesome Funny Photos Everyday! Because it's fun!